Learning from others - to make aviation fuelling operations safer

JIG's work to share incident experiences within the User community to promote operational safety.

Learning from Others (LFO) allows us to share the experience of incidents and near misses throughout the JIG Community to help operators with their safety awareness campaigns.

Our LFO packs provide a useful tool for discussion with employees during events such as training courses, safety talks, weekly briefings. As they use real events and incidents they can be a valuable tool for operators and site managers to use.

Please help us to continue this work by sending examples of your incidents to the HSSE Committee using the Template Provided.
All submissions are treated with full confidentiality and anonymity.

To date JIG has produced over 30 LFO packs. They may be accessed in 2 different ways.

  • Users can download full packs that can all be found under the SAFETY tab of our Standards and Publications page.
  • A sortable index of LFOs, categorised by operations types, type of incident and contributing factors can be found and downloaded as individual pages using our LFO Download Page.



Thank you for helping us contribute to aviation safety worldwide!