Arranging & Conducting an Inspection

The JIG Inspection Programme (IJS - Inspected to JIG Standards)

An overview of our world-leading inspection programme and how to enroll in it.

The Inspection Process


Become a JIG Member

Our world-leading inspection programme is open to all locations operated by or on behalf of JIG Members


Adopt the JIG Standards in your facilities

JIG Inspections are conducted according to the JIG Checklist, which measures alignment with the JIG Standards


Apply to join the IJS Programme

Register the locations that wish to operate according to the JIG Standards (JIG 1,2,4 and JIG/EI1530) and participate in the annual inspection programme


Find a JIG Inspector

You must use a qualified JIG Inspector. They can be independent inspectors or you may enroll your own employees in the "Learning to Inspect to JIG Standards" training course


Schedule your inspection

Allocate a JIG Inspector to each inspection following the annual schedule created by JIG


Conduct your inspection

Using the JIG Checklist and entering your findings and recommendations into your secure space on the JIG Inspection Tracking System (JITS)


Your location follows the recommended actions

Corrective actions are recorded in JITS, allowing you to follow your locations' progress and analyse areas of weakness


Repeat annual inspections

Long-term commitment to the programme supports your continuous improvement and operational excellence processes