Filter Vessels – EI 1596 Compliance

Details of the EI 1596 Checklist for evaluating Filter Vessels' suitability for their intended use.

The requirements in the JIG Standards for the design and construction of Filter Vessels refer to the Energy Institute EI 1596 Specification Design and Construction of Aviation Fuel Filter Vessels.

The EI Specification has been regularly updated, and the JIG Standards have required since 2013 that any new Filter Vessels be compliant with the current EI 1596 Specification at the time of installation or purchase. In addition, JIG Issue 13 now requires operators to conduct a documented review of the design of all filter vessels installed prior to 2013 against the requirements of EI 1596 to ensure they remain suitable for their intended purpose.

In order to assist with this review, the JIG Filtration Working Group has prepared an EI 1596 Compliance Checklist using information contained in the latest edition of the EI Filtration Handbook, EI 1550.