The Tarbox Agreements were designed in the 1970s to help the aviation fuel handling industry adequately manage potential liabilities ariseg from refuelling operations. Periodically reviewed and updated to fit current circumstances, they are still used extensively by fuel suppliers operating in joint ventures or throughputting comingled systems.

The Tarbox Agreements were initially designed in the 1970’s – a period in which operators increasingly worked in joint-ventures and the advent of wide-body aircraft multiplied the level of potential financial risk.

The industry Tarbox Committee has since, in cooperation with their Legal Teams and the Insurance Companies, designed a portfolio of Agreements to match the needs of any operation of operator. Owners, part-owners, operators and throughputters can all have access to and agree to use the type of agreement required for their activity.

Template agreements can be found on the next page or in the “Policies and Governance” area of our Standards and Publications section.

Signatories to Tarbox Agreements may use www.tarboxonline.com. The latter is a database, managed by JIG on behalf of the industry, that catalogues Agreements that operators have signed and submitted to JIG for secure and confidential storage.


    How to manage your on-airport aircraft refuelling indemnity and exposure by participating in the Tarbox arrangements between owners, part-owners and throughputters of comingled systems.

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    All the models of Tarbox Agreement available below to match your needs.

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