Governance, key policies, core principles and Tarbox

Governance, Policies and Guidance for JIG Members to use.

The Common Processes Committee provides guidance on Governance, JIG Policies such as Ethics and Competition Law. The JIG Core Principles and Business Principles form the core of this guidance. This organisation also manages the Tarbox Database on behalf of the industry.


The JIG “Core Principles” documents are a complete set of guidance for Joint Ventures or sole operators who wish to manage their operations in line with the latest updates and knowledge around corporate policy and local laws that may impact our business.

The Tarbox database gives users access to Template Documents according to their needs and is a secure library of executed agreements at JIG locations that can be accessed by the signatories.


    Guidance for Users on Governance and Good Practices for the Management of operating facilities.

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    The Tarbox Agreements were designed in the 1970s to help the aviation fuel handling industry adequately manage potential liabilities ariseg from refuelling operations. Periodically reviewed and updated to fit current circumstances, they are still used extensively by fuel suppliers operating in joint ventures or throughputting comingled systems.

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