Compliance with applicable laws and internal governance

Business Principles provide a Governance Framework for Fuel Handling Activities, including compliance with international laws as well as internal processes to ensure those commitments are upheld.

The JIG Business Principles were originally developed to improve Governance in Joint Ventures. They now include the latest guidance to enable operators to remain compliant with internationally recognised laws and practices and can usefully be adopted by any User wishing to implement a governance framework.

All Business Principles documents can be downloaded from the Policies tab of the Standards and Publications page.

BUSINESS PRINCIPLES MANUAL [CP 7.01]: Document containing key guidelines and principles for adoption by operators who wish to ensure they remain compliant with internationally recognised standards, including but not limited to Employment, Discrimination, Business Ethics, Financial Control, Corruption, Cyber Security to ensure that their activity is protected from losses, claims and reputational damage.

OPERATING AGREEMENT CLAUSES [CP 7.01A]: Updated clauses and new additions for locations using the JIG Template Operating Agreements.

BUSINESS PRINCIPLES INTRODUCTION [CP 7.01B]: Guidance document for site managers who adopt the Business Principles.

ANNUAL COMPLIANCE AUDIT FORM [CP 7.01C]: Self Assessment document for sites and site managers. Available in Word or Excel format..

BUSINESS PRINCIPLES MANUAL REVIEW FORM [CP 7.01D]: Self Assessment / Gap Analysis check list for sites to help them ensure they have internal procedures and/or policies that cover all the elements of Business Principles they have adopted.

A quick video overview of Business Principles is available here.