Guidance for Users on Governance and Good Practices for the Management of operating facilities.

JIG produces a set of Principles and guidelines for use and voluntary adoption by Joint Ventures or any other users seeking to improve the governance of their operations.

The key elements of this guidance are:

CORE PRINCIPLES : Guidelines to ensure that potentially sensitive data is handled by operators in conformity with the expectations of applicable laws, in particular Competition Law. Standard Forms and Agreements are provided to manage interactions with Third Parties, as well as example Board resolutions and Training Guides.

AIRCRAFT REFUELLING INDEMNITY : Template agreements for Operators/Users/Throughputters to use if they wish to adhere to the “Tarbox” principles of apportioning responsibility for fuel-related incidents in comingled systems. This items is covered in more detail on our Tarbox page.

BUSINESS RISK ASSESSMENT: A location Business Risk Assessment Template, user notes and training materials. Also includes a Strategic Improvement plan and example Quality Management System.

FINANCIAL CONTROL : Key guidelines and template documents regarding financial control, financial admin procedures, stock control and loss accounting.

BUSINESS PRINCIPLES : Guidelines and Template documents defining the business principles (e.g. procurement, ethics, anti-corruption etc.) that an operator may wish to adopt.

STANDARD JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENTS : Template agreements for Joint Ventures, Throughputters and Access Agreement for on-airport operations.

JIG provides a DASHBOARD for participating locations and Members who wish to access their governance, inspection and HSSE data through a single online tool. Guidelines, key documents and training materials are provided.