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The Joint Inspection Group (JIG), founded in the early 1970’s, is the world-leading organisation for the development of aviation fuel supply standards covering the entire supply chain for Aviation Fuels from refinery to wing-tip. Its Standards are followed by over 100-member organisations globally, operating at more than 2750 airports and supply & distribution locations in over 100 countries. Our Mission is to increase aviation safety worldwide by extending our reach to more aviation fuel handling organisations.

The excellence of the JIG Standards has been recognised through their endorsement by IATA and A4A, and through the joint publication with the Energy Institute of standards for the transportation and logistics of fuel to airports.

The strength of the JIG Standards is reinforced by a growing Compliance Programme that includes annual quality inspections, performed by qualified JIG Inspectors. This programme, “Inspected to JIG Standards (IJS)”, has grown from approximately 30 airports jointly inspected by the JIG founder-members during the 1970s, to over 500 major airports to-date, and plays a vital role in ensuring that refuelling quality and safety is maintained through these Standards.

The Compliance Programme is further supported by the “Inspect to JIG Standards” training course, designed to increase the available inspector resource and accompany new Inspectors during their first independent inspections. The success of this programme will ensure that most JIG locations will receive regular quality and standards inspections from qualified JIG Inspectors.

JIG is a non-profit organisation working on behalf of its members. All of our revenues are reinvested to provide technical content and services for the industry. Oversight for JIG’s activities is provided by the Board of Directors (JIG Council), made up by a representative from each of our founder members. JIG’s employees work with Council and the Committees to ensure that the Company’s aims are achieved and Member expectations are realised. More information about the Team and the Company Structure can be found here.

Our knowledge and expertise is generated in JIG Committees, in which employees from JIG Members – often leading experts in their fields – contribute to our work. Details of JIG’s activities can be found on our Operations and Safety Pages, and the member representatives we work with can be found on our Committees and Working Groups pages.

If you are not a member, apply to join today.

  • about us

    A brief animation detailing JIG's history, its current members and key activities

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  • Company Structure

    JIG is a non-profit organisation. The roles of JIG Council and the JIG Employees are explained here.

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  • Committees & Working Groups

    JIG's Technical Work is mainly undertaken by JIG Committees and Working Groups made up of JIG Member Employees who volunteer for nomination or election to these groups.

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