Operational Safety is a key factor in successful Aviation Operations

Use our resources in your internal programmes to improve safety awareness in your organisation.

The safe storage and delivery of aviation fuels is fundamental to the JIG Standards and this includes a requirement for a systematic approach to the management of all Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) issues.

JIG has drawn on industry best practice to develop the HSSE Management System Standard to assist Organisations with the development of their own management system (HSSEMS).  An HSSEMS provides a systematic approach to help compliance with legal obligations, ensures that everyone in the Organisation knows the ‘right way of doing things‘ and provides a foundation for continually improving HSSE management.
The HSSE Management System (HSSEMS) Standard is available from the website, free of charge in electronic format to Members, with a nominal charge for non-members or hard copies.

To assist with continuous improvement, JIG gathers lessons learned from incidents and significant near misses and shares them with the JIG community.
This publication is known as ‘Learning From Others’ (LFOs) and is available as a slide presentation for sharing at safety talks at a facility.
The LFOs are also freely available from the Safety Publications section of this website in several languages.
We encourage all Members to send us their experiences to help us increase the scope and variety of our LFO publications.

An important part of our Safety package is the Airport Safety Video. This video was developed about 5 years ago in response to incidents involving refuelling vehicles on airports. The video is free to view and download in multiple languages, and has been used by JIG Members, Operators, Airlines and Airport Companies in their training programmes for employees and service providers.

Our Members also have access to Safety Posters and some learning packs about Human Factors currently being developed.


    JIG's work on Human Factors provides free resources to Members for use in their own safety programmes.

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  • Risk Assessment and MOC

    A summary of JIG Guidance about operational Risk Assessment and the Management of Change process and Good Practices.

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    JIG's work to share incident experiences ("LFOs") within the User community to promote operational safety.

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  • LFO Search & Download

    This section allows you to search, view and download individual "Learning from Others" incidents and events that occurred during operations. They are intended to help all organisations build and grow their safety culture, better understand why certain incidents occur, and build this understanding into local training and operating procedures.

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