The JIG Inspection Tracking System (JITS)

The JIG Inspection Tracking System (JITS) is a state of the art system allowing participants in the JIG Inspection Programme to manage their inspections and locations.

Each JIG Member company is given a secure area to record and track the JIG Inspections conducted at their locations. The company authorises which organisations and individuals may have access to the data. The Member Company agrees to share the data with JIG, who may use it anonymously to analyse general inspections findings and trends for use in Workshops and to highlight items that need to be reinforced in the Standards.

JITS also provides management data enabling operations experts or supervisors to identify areas for improvement and/or performance trends in their own organisations.








The system is available online, or as an offline Laptop or Mobile App, allowing Inspectors to conduct inspections and write reports when not connected to the internet and synchronise data when they return to the office.