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Filter Monitor Transition update [Dec 2019]
TN6 updates users on Field Trial work, reminds operators about the importance of Bulletin 105 supported by 2 new videos. It also starts to indicate changes likely to be made to JIG Standards in 2020.
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Further update from JIG in the status of Filter Monitor phase out in the industry.

Includes list of potential impacts on the standards and reminders about the correct application of Bulletin 105.

This Quarterly update on the Filter Monitor (FM) transition status includes information on the progress made since the publication of TN5 on field trials of FM replacement technologies. Based on data collected from the locations participating in the field trial programme to date, it is likely that the combination of EI 1599 Dirt Defence Filters (DDF) coupled with an EI 1598 Electronic Water Sensor (EWS) will be adopted in the JIG standards in 2020, under operating procedures that are yet to be determined based on the work that is currently in progress. Operators are also reminded that Filter Water Separators (FWS) qualified to EI 1581 is an accepted option in JIG for fuelling operations.

Operators are reminded of currently accepted technologies and the likelihood of Filter Monitors being used in some applications being phased out early.

There is also a reminder of the importace of following the mitigating actions detailed in Bulletin 105 and the publication of two videos to further help users.