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BRA 2.0 Tool
B.R.A. 2.0 - Business Risk Assessment Template for Aviation Operations.
On this page you will find several versions of the BRA 2.0 Tool to accompany a Business Risk Assessment. According to the size and complexity of your site, you can choose between a Large, Medium and Small file size that contain 500, 250 or 100 risk items. There is also an EXAMPLE document that already contains some frequently occuring risks and barriers that sites may use as a baseline to build up their own risk assessment. These excel files do not contain macros. PLEASE NOTE THIS TOOL HAS BEEN BUILT IN MICROSOFT 365, AND MAY NOT BE FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH EARLIER VERSIONS OF EXCEL.
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  • Publication Date: 4th March 2024

The principles of Business Risk Assessment are detailed in JIG Guidance document GP 4.01. This BRA 2.0 Tool is provided for users who wish to adopt this process and methodology.

In addition to the user guide on this page, there are also two online courses (free for members), GP6 and GP7.